The potential for Nursing as a Profession Worldwide

Nursing personnel make up over 50 percent of the health workforce in every country of the world In many countries in the developing world, more than 80 percent of health workers are nurses. Because of a global nursing shortage and a higher demand for nursing services, health care organizations are faced with staffing dilemmas that are reaching crisis levels in certain places.

The skills and knowledge that Australian, UK, U.S and many European educated nurses gain are highly regarded internationally and the nursing profession can open doors to a broad range of opportunities for working abroad. Nurses are needed in developed nations and in the developing world and according to the World Health Organization (WHO) "Nurses are the largest category of health workers".

The Honor Society of Nursing, Sigma Theta Tau International, reports that "Canada, the Philippines, Australia, and Western Europe are reporting increasing nursing shortages and there are reports of shortages coming from Africa and South America. This nursing labor shortage has seen health care organizations around the world seeking to recruit nurses from many countries and as the locations are wide and varied so are the salaries with the highest paid jobs being found in the United States and European countries.


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Modern Nursing care in today's society

Modern nursing care is similar to what has been done for years but there is also much advancement in modern nursing care and the medical profession as a whole, allowing nurses to more efficiently and effectively do their jobs.

With modern nursing care, the patients needs are still at the forefront and there is a lot that a nurse is responsible for. Modern nursing care means not only taking care of the patient but administering the care plan, tracking progress, recording vital statistics, administering medication and monitoring diet.

Today, there are many elements to modern nursing care that are essential to maintaining good health. Ensuring the patient maintains a healthy diet is essential in modern nursing care. In many situations, modern nursing care dictates a particular diet to ensure the health of the patient. This is especially true if there are gastrointestinal issues or if there is a pending surgery. Although there are numerous jokes about hospital food, modern nursing care shows that there is a reason for uninteresting, bland food to be served.

A correct diet can save lives and reduce risk of complications, so modern nursing care monitors and often administers the correct patient diet. It is the role of modern nursing care to ensure accurate reporting of these in order to analyze the effectiveness of the treatment and to implement future plans.